Next Presentation at Techno Security Conference 2010 in June

The next stop in the Demystification of the exFAT file system road show will be Myrtle Beach in June. I had submitted my presentation to Techno for the Forensics conference in October, as I had enjoyed the 2009 conference last year. Thanks to DFI News I got into the conference for free. It was strange when Techno sent me an e-mail saying to register and the conference wasn’t even open, as it turns out they put me into the Security conference which was earlier – who am I to complain.

The Techno Security Conference will be held in Myrtle Beach Sunday June 6th 2010 through Wednesday June 9th. My exFAT session will be Monday June 7th at 2:15 pm. It is in Track 4. Techno give you 45 minute shots where CFS gave you 75 minutes (60 minutes session 15 minutes Q&A), so I am going to have to trim this down a little. I used the whole 60 minutes at CFS, and had to rush it a little at the end, but at least I got one run out of it.


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