The costs of exFAT licensing

We all heard in the news that various companies such as media card builders, camera builders, etc are paying $300K to license the Microsoft exFAT specifications to use exFAT. I have to wonder if it stops there, as it might not be a flat price. I was contacted by a software developer who was writing some code that would depend on the exFAT internals. I was contacted because they were interested in a calculation within the VBR, but they also contacted Microsoft about licensing. What I am told is that Microsoft wanted $50K to allow this developer to write the code, and they also wanted a royalty for each piece of code that was sold.  Now I don’t know the story with the media and camera companies, but if Microsoft was getting a few bucks for each SDXC card that was sold or each camera with SDXC support, that jacks up the $300K price. Now it is possible that since the initial price is much higher in this case, maybe there is no royalty, or it isn’t that much.


2 thoughts on “The costs of exFAT licensing

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