exFAT at Techno Forensics & Digital Investigation Conference 2010

The IACIS orgainzation had an entire Windows 7 track on the 2nd day of Techno, with the track starting with the Introduction to exFAT. This track was held in the Red Auditorium, which probably holds about at least 1,000 if not 1,500 people as it was the largest of the meeting rooms. When the session began, I did a count and there was 40 attendees sitting out there, but a typical exFAT session usually runs 10-30 attendees.

The track was presented by Tony Patrick from Fedex, and he represents the R&D function of IACIS. Tony presented the slide presentations of various members of IACIS who contributed the presentations. So it was interesting to see that the exFAT presentation was the slide deck and presentation that Jeff Hamm and myself prepared and presented at the SANS Forensics and Incident Response Summit in Early July 2010. With the exception of some branding changes, it was the same slide deck with Jeff and my name on the slides. Now, the common question was whther the slides would be available. I dont know if Tony will get Techno to put the slides up, but if you want to see the slides, the slide deck from the SANS conference is posted at: http://computer-forensics.sans.org/community/summits/2010/files/10-exfat-ham.pdf

Tony did a good job for the day, with 5 hours of different Windows 7 presentations. I guess doing a marathon like that is very draining.


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