Next exFAT presentation at CFS New York

I will be presenting “Introduction to the Microsoft Extended File System (exFAT)” on Tuesday April 19th. For more information on CFS NY 2011, see:


2 thoughts on “Next exFAT presentation at CFS New York

  1. Hi, Thanks for your BLOG. I was hoping that maybe you could answer a question for me. We have an external hdd and we use it with our ps3. There was an update on the ps3 and it said to fix issues to reformat external hdd to exFAT. I did this and the system doesn’t recognise it. Question 1 is: Do you have any thoughts on that?
    Question 2 is: I tried to reformat is back to FAT32 and I’m not even being given the option to choose FAT32 only NTFS and exFAT.
    So, thinking it can’t go backward, I formatted to NTFS, then I tried to take to the FAT32, still no option given. I hooked the hdd to my older computer to try to format there and to my surprise I was still only given exFAT and NTFS as options to formatting. Any suggestions? I’m baffled! Thanks a million in advance for any info.

    • On the first question, please post the link to information on this PS3 fix, this is the first I am hearing about it.
      On the 2nd, Windows 7 and Vista will not offer an option of FAT32 if the drive exceeds 32GB. You would need to reformat it using a non-microsoft utility or on a non-microsoft system. There are utilties out there and products (such as partitioning manager programs) that will allow you to reformat in FAT32.

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