NYSE4SEC exFAT Session Completed, Slide Deck Available

NYC4SEC – An Introduction to the Microsoft exFAT File System 1.00 FinalNYC4SEC Meet-up group draft of the exFAT Introduction Slide Deck

In September of 2010 I presented exFAT at the 2010 HTCIA conference in Atlanta, and at the request of some that were in attendance, I posted the slide deck on SlideShare. That was 3 years ago, and the slide deck has been viewed over 5,200 times and downloaded at least 50 times.

Well next week I’ll be presenting at a NYC meet-up meeting of a group of persons with an interest in Digital Forensics. I put a lot of time and effort into the slide deck to bring it up to the times, and add new information that I was able to come into contact with.

I’ll be doing HTCIA 2014 in Texas at the end of August with basically the same deck, but this will be a dry practice run.

Although the deck is in PDF format, it is a speaker notes printout since I tried to put extra information and links into the notes area.

I’d appreciate feedback either here in the blog or at the SlideShare site



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